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Rösler about CO2

How you can contribute to CO2 reduction with Rösler tires.

CO2 is part of the natural process.

Only the increased imbalance between emissions and gas binding in recent decades causes climate change. so we have to reduce or offset our CO2 emissions.

1 Blue Whale binds as much CO2 as 1,000 trees. Unfortunately, we at Rösler are not so good at breeding blue whales, but we are very good at sustainable retreading of CO2-reduced EM tyres.

There are many ways to save CO2:

  • Buy clothes secondhand – 3.5 kg CO2 per kg of fabric
  • Borrow books instead of buying – 1.1 kg of CO2 per book
  • Use recycled paper – 0.9 kg CO2 per 1000 pages
  • Switch off air conditioning in the car – 19 kg CO2 per 100 km
  • Avoid air travel – 200 to 6000 kg CO2 per flight
  • Economy instead of business – 2500 kg CO2 Cologne-New York
  • Train instead of flight – 250 kg CO2 Munich-Berlin
  • Eat less meat – 100 kg of CO2 per year
  • Lower room temperature by 1 degree – 160 kg CO2 per year
  • Stream less – 14g CO2 per album
  • Wash at 40 instead of 60 degrees – 1.56 kg of CO2 per wash
  • Run stairs instead of driving elevator – 19 g CO2 per floor
  • Drape curtains – 25 kg of CO2 per year
  • Cook with lid – 94 kg CO2 per year
Source: FOCUS Online

Not everything will fundamentally change the world, but we have to start somewhere.

RÖSLER retreaded EM tyres need 80% less CO2. With every tyre, we save over 2 tons of CO2.

With Rösler retreaded EM tyres you
actively reduce your CO2 emissions.

Icon: Rösler retreaded EM tyres need 80% less CO2 Icon: Rösler retreaded EM tyres save more than 2 tons of CO2 per tyre

Rösler retreaded tyres – economical, sustainable and without any loss of qualitY

Compared to new tyres, Rösler only needs a fraction of the resources and energy needed to produce tyres of equivalent quality, which in total results in up to 80% lower CO2 and other carbon emissions, which is an average of 2,200 kilos of CO2 savings per EM tyre.

We strive for perfection – from individual tyre solutions to complete production lines, we support all EM tyre customers as an innovative and reliable partner.

And we are aware of our responsibility. Overall, we can proudly say that with our tyres, our customers save around 350 hectares of rainforest each year. a size of more than 400 football fields.

  • TÜV certified quality
  • Mileage and stability like new tyres
  • Significantly cheaper than new tyres at the same quality level
  • Application-optimized rubber compounds and profiles
  • Optional satellite-based sensor system for pressure, temperature and profile depth
  • From individual tyre solutions to the complete retreading system on site
  • Tyre handler for fast and safe tyre change in the field
  • Tools and training
  • 24/7 service hotline

Make a statement!

With Rösler Retreaded Tyres your company will also help to reduce CO2 and to fight in a sustainable manner for our future – and that with reduced costs. Order our sign for free as a mark of your responsible behavior.

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