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Precured retreaded Tyres

The Schelkmann cold retreading technique combines the vulcanization of the casing under low temperatures of 95° C with highly efficient and high quality production with high pressure of more than 50 kg /cm2 and short vulcanization time to an excellent performance-product. The patented and licensed technique of retreading, known as cold retreading is noted on national and international sector as a premium procedure for retreading Earth-Moving-Tyres. Earth Moving and Mining tyres for wheel loaders and mining vehicles, scrapers and dumpers are produced in our manufacturing plant in Dortmund by educated and skilled vulcanizers due to ISO 9000/14000.


Moldcured Retreaded Tyres

Rodos stands for “Rösler Dortmund special tyres”, vulcanized high-quality tyres in the sector of Earth Moving. Well sorted casings are retreaded to EM tyres, having the same mileage in their second life as high-quality new tyres. The tread patterns correspond to the current treads of the tyre industry. For our retreading companies and to ensure the expected durability of the Rodos tyres we use rubber compound made of synthetic and natural rubber in compliance of approved and new developed recipes.
Rodos tyres are retreaded in moulds in a hot retreating procedure below 150° C with a pressure of approximately 15 kg/cm2.

New Tires

With over 50 years of experience in the OTR tyre industry, Rösler is a trusted supplier to tyre dealers, mining operations and construction companies worldwide. We maintain strategic partnerships with first- and second-tier manufacturers and are able to provide extensive stock and rapid delivery across the world.

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