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Quality and Mileage Costs

The Key to Mileage Costs is Quality.

If you look at your business processes, personnel costs and your equipment inventory during operation, you will recognize what a tyre failure really costs.

The value of mileage and resilience of a tyre is much higher than the purchase value.

In order to save expenses, we have created a quality analysis for cost-efficient imported tyres. We came to the two following results:

  • Low-budget must not be cheap.
  • Good must not be expensive.

We currently differentiate in three quality levels:

  1. Symbol: Tyre quality “Premium” by Rösler

    Premium + Retreading

    Maximum tyre quality of leading brand manufacturers – retreadable twice in Rösler Quality.

  2. Symbol: Tyre quality “Quality” by Rösler

    Quality + Retreading

    Tested tyre quality from international manufacturers – retreadable in Rösler Quality.

  3. Symbol: Tyre quality “Economy” by Rösler


    Very poor tyre quality from international manufacturers – not sufficient for a qualitative retreading.

We reimburse used Premium and Quality Tyres in an adequate condition according to the current purchase price list! This turns out to be up to 20% of the retreading price for many tyre dimensions!

When buying a retreaded tyre including RRQ casing, we will take back your retreadable used tyre. At the same time you save disposal costs and reduce your CO2 footprint. Rösler Retreaded Tyres save up to 80% CO2.

Qualities in comparison: advantages in terms of costs and operational reliability

PREMIUM or QUALITY tyres are more expensive to purchase, but their retreadability offers significant advantages in terms of costs and operational reliability. ECONOMY tyres do not meet the standards for Rösler Quality Renewal.

Conclusion on tyre qualities

  • The better the raw materials are, the more often you can retread.
  • Retreaded tyres save costs in purchase and disposal.
  • Retreaded tyres ensure premium quality and mileage.
  • Cheap tyres are the most expensive solution in the long term.
  • Rösler Retreaded Tyres save 80% CO2 compared to new tyres.