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Rösler about responsibility

Our quality conviction since 60 years

  1. Rösler retreaded OTR tyres need 80% less CO2 than new tyres

    Rösler retreaded OTR tyres need 80% less CO2 than new tyres – through responsible production, diligent recycling and careful use of energy and resources – this is quality in our opinion.

    Icon: Rösler retreaded OTR tyres need 80% less CO2
  2. Highest manufacturing quality

    Highest manufacturing quality, individual application specification, 60 years of market experience, 24/7 service, the latest tyre monitoring systems ensure maximum mileage – this is quality in our opinion.

    Icon: Maximum mileage by highest manufacturing quality
  3. Share success with our customers

    Share success with our customers by reducing prices of our entire tyre range, to save more CO2 globally with high-quality retreads – this is quality in our opinion.

    Icon: Rösler reducing prices of their entire tyre range
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As a motivation for our customers regarding the CO2 reduction we can offer price reductions on all of our Rodos and Schelkmann tyres on basis of optimized processes and the current raw material situation.

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Rösler’s quality conviction


Many of our customers have been loyal to us for decades. Just like our employees, which work with us, some even in second generation. This is how we assure our most important expertise – our skilled employees.


Despite of economic interests, we have always set value on quality and reliability of our products and services. This is what determines long-term customer loyalty and thus the success of our company.


Since the beginning, research and development based on our experience is a determinant factor of our quality. Our Schelkmann precured retreading process is based on over 150 patents.


We would also like to recommend warmly to our customers the sustainability of our retreaded OTR tyres. The more retreaded tyres are used, the more we can affect the future for the coming generation.

The key to our competence and quality since 60 years

It is our employees who make us what we are. Loyalty, many years of belonging, conviction in our company and stoic will to perfection – these are the attributes of our people and the cornerstones of our performance.

We are always in close and fair dialogue with them and our entrepreneurial actions always focus on the team. And when we build retreading systems for our bigger customers, our professionals are on the spot until the on-site employees are trained to ensure our high quality standards.

Rösler Runderneuerungen

One result of our 60 years of work is the basis for more cost-efficient, tire management. Read our Rösler

The seal stands for tyres whose casings and basic construction are good enough for a retreading on Rösler quality level. Rösler Retreaded Tyres offer almost the same mileage and safety as premium brand tyres.